4.5 days in Iceland!

(Video Below)

I had never really thought about Iceland as a potential destination. It just wasn’t on my radar as I am usually more interested in Non-Western countries. One day I had come across some ads on cheap flights to Iceland from Cleveland. Cleveland is a new hub for Icelandair and WOW so they’ve had some good deals for a while.

Labor day weekend was coming up so I figured I could take a couple days vacation and combine it with Labor day to get some time to go. People sometimes ask how I get so much time to travel, but in reality, I only get 10 vacation days a year. I just try to take advantage of other holidays and combine with weekends to go travel.

This was the first time I went traveling with a friend as have always gone solo. Iceland turned out to be an awesome experience. For anyone thinking of traveling there, I will warn that it’s pretty expensive once you get there. The food, gas, and stay are above average price. There are still ways to save such as buying food from the grocery store and making yourself and  finding cheaper hostels or AirBnB’s.

I have been focusing more on video lately, so here is something i’m pretty proud of that I put together from my trip to Iceland. All of this was shot with a Go Pro 6 and 2 shots with a Canon Rebel t3i. I don’t have any fancy equipment, but I am learning more and more that it’s not as important what equipment you use, but how you use it and edit it.




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