About me


Most people call me Mike. I am 26. I used to have pretty bad anxiety, I felt like I could never change my life. I was tired of living a melancholy and mediocre existence. I also thought that because of certain obstacles, I could never be the person I wanted. In the past few years I have overcome my anxiety and built a new life for myself.

See this post to read more about me and my thoughts: Obstacles of Life

Some things about me:

  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • I now work an 8-5 job as a design engineer.
  • I really enjoy learning how to do new random things from the internet
  • I am really interested in the idea of making documentaries (Maybe one day).
  • I have hitchhiked across America alone and it was an amazing experience.
  • I am learning Mandarin (From the wonderful internet!).
  • I started an Etsy store to raise funds for a medical bill. It turned out to be a fun hobby I still continue.
  • I love food, a lot.
  • I love traveling solo
  • I once camped on one of the great lakes when it was frozen with a good friend and the photos I took were published in a few articles.

Questions I am in search of finding the answers to:

What is life all about? What should we strive for? Is happiness the goal and how does one attain happiness?

If one isn’t blessed with physical advantages, health, stable family, etc,  are they born to fail? How do we as humans overcome these things?


I would love to hear from others and share ideas, opinions, and experiences. 

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